Dear Sirs/ and Madams, Dear Visitor,

I would like to introduce shortly my knowledge and personal experience of the thermal/ medical water of Mesteri.  Despite all of my efforts to stay objective I cannot help forgetting my lovely childhood experiences: the riding tours here, bathing with my granny who liked soaking her from work aching hands in this water; my first swimming course with Uncle Dezső Gyürüsi etc. That time we did not know we just felt that in this water there must be something; it was good to be in it and have a bath in it. Already being a physiotherapist specialist I managed to prove that on the basis of its chemical composition it is of mineral water quality, on the ground of its temperature it is thermal water and of its biological beneficial effects it heals as well, so it is medical water. To express it more simply: the water of Mesteri heals.

The water here belongs to the calcium- magnesium – hydrogen-carbonate waters. Our assumptions- that on the basis of its composition and temperature the water of Mesteri is suitable to cure knee- and sciatic articular abrasion, to ease aches and to improve the extent of moving – were proved by the examinations in autumn in 2005: after a bathing cure which lasted 15 days, and took 30 minutes daily I examined the patients and I found out that their symptoms and troubles became significantly better in comparism to the their starting condition. Because of the improvement in their conditions several patients were able to stop taking the pain-killer. 

Furthermore, it was a relieving experience if the patients kept the general rules of bathing we did not note bath-reaction. (There was no increase in pains at the beginning.) The people whose high blood pressure was successfully adjusted did not show any increase in blood pressure.

However, from professional point of view the examination focused on articular degenerative diseases, the water of Mesteri is suitable to cure spine-, big articular-, small articular-, and muscle diseases.

You should enjoy the present of the nature; you should heal without beside effects.

dr György Galambos

professional leader of the team taking part in the process of pronouncing the water of Mesteri to medical water