Relax in Mesteri

Thermal MesteriRelax in Mesteri

Mesteri is situated in Vas County, 6 km far from Celldömölk. The village has altogether 270 citizens, and it is in this way a direct and friendly place where everybody knows each other. To the settlement belongs a resort place with 150 apartments, so it is quite busy from spring to autumn. The tourists are attracted beside by the charming rural surroundings and naturally the bath.  On the webpage of the newly renovated bath we have read that the thermal bath was built up on the 72 Co thermal water which gets to the surface from 1800 metre. The water of the wells belongs to the calcium magnesium hydrogen-carbonated thermal waters. This water can influence locomotor and rheumatic disorders very beneficially.  Its high carbonic acid content helps with blood circulation disorders as well.Thermal Mesteri It is important to highlight that the water of this bath has not only got beneficial effect on the organism, but it is suitable to cure several diseases. It has been proved that the patients cured with this water recovered totally. The meaning of the bathing area as a recreation area: everything that people do in order to get rid of the tiredness und tension coming from the everyday activities, to regain and/ or to increase the physical and mental efficiency and the ability to that. Its outstanding value is its rich flora. In Mesteri Thermal Bath there are two outdoor pools. The thermal pool with 190 square metre water surface is 90 centimetre deep and it is filled with 34-36 Co pleasant and transparent thermal water. Furthermore the visitors can splash in the also 190 square metre big pool equipped with a water rotating system and in the 80 square metre big children’s paddling pool.   Novelty at the bath is the newly built indoor Cave Bath, which is luring in each season since besides it has a beneficial effect on the organism; it has a wonderful atmosphere as well. Mesteri is an ideal holiday resort for the people who in a nature-lover surrounding, far from huge crowds seek real rest and relax or want to heal. The tourists who stay for several days are recommended going on shorter or longer trips to the neighbouring settlements. 


Thermal Mesteri